Adjustable beds and unique mattresses

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Which mattress zones or lying areas are there?

Mattresses Zone 3 – Lumbar Spine / Lumbar Support

Zone 3, in the ergonomic mattress layout of 7-zone mattresses, is the lumbar support area, also known as the lumbar support or lumbar region. This area has a medium to high strength so that the lumbar spine receives stable support. The support of the sensitive lumbar vertebrae when lying down is important so that the spine is relieved and the blood circulation in the back is not disturbed.

Mattresses Zone 4 – Hip / Pelvis

In zone 4 of the 7-zone mattress or analog in zone 3 of the 5-zone mattress, the pelvis or the hip is stored. This part of the body is heavier, so some support is needed. At the same time, the body must be able to sink into the sleeping pad with this large, heavy portion, so that the spine stays in shape and relieves the lumbar vertebrae and intervertebral discs. Also, a pressure relief of the hip joints should be done. The pelvic zone of the mattress has medium strength for these purposes.

Mattresses Zone 5 – thighs

Mattresses Zone 5 for the thighs in their design, the lying zone 5 of the 7-zone mattress is identical to the zone 3 (lumbar zone). It is referred to as the leg or thigh zone and is used to support the upper leg area. Their tighter design ensures that the two body regions with the longest length (torso and legs) are stable and straight bedded.

Mattresses Zone 6 – calves

When using the 7-zone mattress, zone 6 or the calf zone is identical to the storage area for the shoulders (zone 2) and therefore relatively soft. This is beneficial for the blood circulation in the lower leg area, as the veins are not so relieved. Unpleasant calf cramping at night is so effectively prevented.

Mattresses Zone 7 – feet

The body zone 5 of the 7-zone mattress corresponds in its design to Zone 1 for head and neck. It is therefore characterized by a higher strength so that the joints cannot twist or bend. At the same time, the ankle, ankle, and heel are stored in Zone 7 of the mattress but also so that they are not subjected to pressure to prevent pain. Visit for more details today.